We sell more than 400 "Wellness" products.
Innovative nutrition you can feel!

                                                        Our products include:

               * Natural Salon Hair Products for soft beautiful Hair just like Nature intended.

                  * Nutritional supplements to help promote the natural health of your body. 

                                                       * Weight loss products. 

                                        * Sports products to help build muscle.

        * Environmentally Friendly household cleaners, the affordable Green alternative. 

                   * Natural-based Skin Care and Cosmetics. Not tested on animals!

Save up to 40%! Buy wholesale, not retail!
Delivered fresh to your door instead of sitting on store shelves!

For more information or to order a free catalogue and set up your wholesale account

                                              By Telephone: - 613-352-3536 

Or By Mail or In Person: - Joy's Wellness Company, 385 Main Street, Bath, Ontario K0H 1G0 

If  there are any questions, please e-mail: http://www.countrywellness.ca

Below are a couple of our you tube videos on a few of our great products.